Credit Management Agreement

We will endeavour to answer inbound calls to the department within 3 rings.

Query Resolution

Our aim is to respond to the customer within 72 hours if a credit is to be raised, and within 24 hours for all copy documentation.

This time may be extended if the query is regarding International due to time zone problems.

Cash Collection

We will give the customer at least one call before suspending service.

Billing Level Service Agreement

Our aim is to invoice customers accurately and on time and supply details of any missing data from the Customer Despatch Systems (C.D.S.)

We will endeavour to answer inbound calls to the department within three rings.








Why have I been charged 0.50p more than quoted?

Please check the delivery postcode, there is a congestion boundary in London. The postcodes affected are W1, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, WC1, WC2, SW1, SE1 and SE11.

Why have I been overcharged for my DPD consignment to Switzerland (a non-EU destination)?

An additional charge of £25 will be made for DPD consignments for customs clearance for non-EU destinations subject to terms of shipment.

Why has the consignment weight been increased on the invoice?

If it is a DPD consignment, please check the dimensions of the parcel sent, as the volumetric weight will apply if greater than the actual weight. Domestic consignments are often check weighed and if the weight is found to be inaccurate on the consignment note, it will be verified and amended by the depot staff.

Why have all consignments been charged at a higher price?

If consignments have been charged at a higher price than before, it is more than likely an annual price increase has been applied. This is an automatic procedure, which will be advised in writing by central sales. Please contact us and we can advise if this is the case and put you in contact with central sales if further information is required.

What is your fax number?

Either 0844 824 0559 or 0121 647 0871.