Billing Rules

Invoices are raised weekly.

Any consignments collected on a Monday will normally invoice the following week.

In order to invoice, the details have to include collection details, ie. collecting depot and the product and service used.

By 'product' we mean the package - this can include expresspak, parcel and freight.

By 'service' we mean the timing of the service requested. This may incorporate various services, examples are:-by 10:30am, by 12pm, next day, two day, DPD Road service or Air Express service.

All details of the products and services provided are listed in our tariff guide, You may access the tariff guides by clicking here.

Dependent on the amount of items you send each day, you may be offered a discount from our tariff rates. To obtain a quote please request a visit from our sales department. (0500 005 005)

Dependent on whether you are quoted or not, the invoice will be produced reflecting those details. Each invoice shows the service used and charges applicable. Non quoted customers will be charged tariff rates - see our current tariff form for details.

Delayed Billing

If any of the details required to invoice you are missing, this can result in a delay of up to 10 days, depending on the way in which you label your parcels. For smaller customers and any third party collections/returns you will be asked to fill out a consignment note, which is then attached to your parcel. Each consignment note should have your account number, collection and delivery details and the product and service as stated above.

If you are a large shipper you can request installation of a customer despatch system - on which you can enter the details to produce a label that is affixed to the parcel. On completion of this daily you will need to transmit your data via modem / handed to the driver on a disc. If this data is not received we will then invoice you later than expected and your reference field may not be completed. It is imperative that this data is transmitted daily to ensure correct and timely billing and to ensure you have your quoted reference on your invoices.

If you have any questions regarding billing, please contact the Billing department on either 0844 824 0558 or 01179 105 007.